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  • Our GOLD package includes learning the basics (Sit, Stay, Down, Wait, and Loose-Leash Walking) as well as boarding in our spacious indoor runs! Our standard runs are 4ft by 14ft and 6 ft tall. We include 4 outside play/exercise sessions, doggy daycare, graduation certificate and picture, a training leash and "Go Home" bath.
  • Your package also includes helpful items to take home, including: a personalized folder, a "Go Home" 1 hour consultation, a training certificate of completion, and training leash..
  • The difference between the 1 week package and the 14 day package is the amount of one-on-one training time. Because of the nature of training, more time allows for more consistency. Each puppy is different and may need different levels of training. After consulting with our trainer, you can decide which package length best suits your puppy's needs.
  • "Go Home" bath and toenail trim included too!

Platinum Deluxe Package


  • Our PLATINUM package includes training and a stay in our delightful Deluxe Suites! Your pooch will learn: Sit, Stay, Down, Wait, and Loose-Leash Walking
  • Your package also includes helpful items to take home, including: a Personalized Folder, a "Go Home" 1 hour consultation, and a Training Certificate of Completion.
  • Our Deluxe Suites are housed in a separate building for added privacy and quietness. They include a private bedroom with a window, raised toddler bed and mattress, colored televisions (complete with all of the doggy movies you can watch), and 4 outside play/exercise times!
  • A Deluxe "Go Home" bath, toenail trim and an ANTLER Included too!


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