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    Things to remember when getting ready for your boarding at All Tails “R” Waggin’

    1. Vaccination Records Dogs, must bring current Bordetella, Distemper, Rabies and Canine Influenza (at least First Vaccine for Canine Influenza) Cats- current On Rabies, FVRCP. Must be negative on Feline Leukemia and FIP.

    2. Safe Toys-DO NOT BRING RAWHIDES. We like hard bones, Nylabones, Kongs, or Antlers. Be careful of toys with squeakers or anything dogs can swallow or destroy.

    3. Medication- please bring medicine in their own bottles. We will chart them, but we like to have the bottles for dosage and exact names of Medication. You can however, just leave just enough in the bottle vs leaving a full bottle.

    *4. People love their animals and want to bring their Toys, Food, Treats and other items with them when they board with us. At any given time we can have over a 1000 items under our roof. We do our best to return these items, however, we often have to move items that get soiled or wet, and need to be washed, and then they can get unintentionally misplaced. We understand this is frustrating to everyone involved, including ourselves. We sometimes have customers bring in from 50-75 items for one pet. When these scenarios happen, it creates alot of extra stress on various departments of our staff. All items must be charted, and written down, so just imagine a day with 50 arrivals, and every party having 10- 70 items. It’s ALOT, and takes a huge amount of labor to chart all of these, especially during peak times. Our goal is to minimize mistakes and be able to spend EQUAL time focusing on each client. Because of this, we have put into place an ITEMS POLICY asking that you Please limit items (including food, Toys, and treats), to 6 units PER PET, or 15 items max per Family. For example, a bag of Food would be a unit OR baggies of food for the stay- that is ONE unit. A bag of treats, (you can combine various treats in one gallon ziplock is ONE unit. (1) an antler or bone = ONE unit, (1) , each toy counts as ONE unit. Leash/Collar = ONE unit. We prefer leash and collars to be sent home with the owners, unless another person is picking up.
    BEDDING- CUSTOMERS BOOKED IN A RUN: Do NOT bring bedding. We provide bedding for all pets in a Standard Run/Kennel.
    DELUXE CUSTOMERS ONLY: Example: Bedding , a Blanket would be 1 unit (we provide blankets so yours are not really needed) and a Bed would also be 1 unit.

    Let your pet be our guest... We take care of the rest!

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    At ALL TAILS 'R' WAGGIN' our goal is to provide the highest level of care possible to you, and especially your pet. We take the responsibility of caring for your dogs and cats very seriously, because we know, like our own pets, that yours are also a valued member of your family. It is for these reasons, that we have designed our pet care center in a manner in which each pet will have the optimal "home away from home" experience.


    1. With over a 100 plus boarding options in Central Ohio, All Tails was voted #1 Top Pick Boarding/Daycare by our customers in the first ever Columbus Dispatch Top Pick Contest! We are NOT a CHAIN kennel, Franchise, or PET STORE that offers Boarding.  We have ONE ON ONE, HANDS ON and VERY dedicated owner.
    4. We have the LARGEST RUNS. For example, our big competitors largest "XL" kennel is a 4x10 area just under $30 a day. Our Standard is 4x14, with 3 times out for $22.
    5. We do NOT board pets according to size and weight. Your small or medium dog gets a big 4x14 run too- NEVER caged like MANY other kennels, or vet clinics. It is VERY IMPORTANT to check the actual size space your pet will be in, especially if they are smaller.
    6. Our PRIVATE DELUXE SUITES, are really "PRIVATE". The "first" Deluxe suites in Columbus, in 2000, our concept was a separate building, with fun little "mini" bedrooms. Our Suites are the MOST homelike, actual "rooms", and VERY QUIET. While some dogs LOVE the environment & energy of the main lodging runs, some prefer a more laid back and relaxed atmosphere of the suites.
    7. WE GIVE BACK. The owner does tons of RESCUE, ALL out of her pocket, with no extra funding. We are as passionate about saving animals as we are for caring for our customer’s pets
    8. EXPERIENCE is priceless! 20 years of SUCCESS in the PET CARE business takes knowing how to give SUPERIOR treatment to our furry guest, as well as making their parents HAPPY, staffing the BEST knowledgeable and loving individuals, as well as handling important emergencies correctly.

    RUNS Runs DELUXES Deluxes CATTERY SUITES Cattery Suites
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    Home of The FIRST Deluxe Suites in Columbus!

    We had the walls of the deluxe suites painted as a tribute to some of our best "Deluxe" customers. Each picture is of a real spoiled pooch, next to their favorite room. Their collars even have their names on them!

    Each suite includes: a color tv ( playing various pet favorites), a raised bed with mattress, most rooms have a window for outdoor viewing, four outdoor play times/potty breaks, and if needed, medications will be administered and charted free of charge. Our patio suites have an adjoining outdoor private area for fresh air throughout the day. The door will remain open as much as possible, weather permitting.

    Our suites vary from small to large. During busy times we may put large dogs of the sane family or multiple large dogs of the same family in the large rooms, and thus, small or medium dogs in rooms according to their size as long as they in the same family.

    We realize that everyone would like the largest rooms, but in order to accommodate everyone, we cannot always do this. You are welcome to request the larger rooms, but large dogs will take precedence if needed.

    All of our canine guests staying in the Deluxe Suites, will receive 4 outdoor exercise/potty times per day, in our main play yard area.

    ** Our deluxe suites will make even the most "spoiled" pooch feel right at home!!! **

    Deluxe Suites

    • 1st Dog $38.00
    • 2nd Dog/Cat Same Suite $26.00
    • 3rd Dog/Cat Same Suite $16.00
    • 4th Dog/Cat Same Suite $12.00
    • Daycare in deluxe only rate $22.00 (Drop off and pick up same day, plus 3 playtimes) *This is not Playcamp. Your dog will be by itself
    • Deluxe Daycare only available if suites are open or available.

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    Our deluxe and patio deluxe suites are both located in separate buildings from the main Lodging area. It is for this reason that they do tend to be more quiet, and are always recommended for boarding a "first - timer" or for our " older and wiser" pals!!

    Our ALL NEW Patio Deluxe Suites are located in our new addition. It is an excellent place for a first-time boarder or an older dog to live the high life. Our most homelike and upscale experience yet!

    Each suite includes: a flat screen color tv (playing various pet favorites all day long), a raised bed and mattress for their comfort, a patio so that they can go outside whenever they would like (weather permitting), four outside potty breaks per day, and, if needed, medications will be administered free of charge.

    New PATIO SUITES! Just $8 more than our Traditional Suites!

    Patio Deluxe Suites

    • 1st Dog $44.00
    • 2nd Dog/Cat Same Suite $26.00
    • 3rd Dog/Cat Same Suite $16.00
    • 4th Dog/Cat Same Suite $12.00

    *Deluxe rate includes: PRIVATE BEDROOM WITH RAISED BED AND MATTRESS, Color TV, Four 15 minute Outdoor Play Sessions and if needed Medication.


    To keep up with our customers demand, we have once again added more Suites! Our latest addition is called "Elite ReTreat Suites." Built in 2017, this wing is a combination of 23 new villas, consisting of our Traditional Suites, Patio Suites, and our new Petite Suites, designed especially for our smallest of guest.

    Our Petite Suites, offer the same amenities as the other suites, in a Cozy, yet more affordable package. With dogs under 25lbs in mind, Each Petite Suite is 3ft. x 5ft wide, with a flat screen TV, Posh Bed, Maid Service, and 4 Potty Breaks a day! Our all glass Villa, was designed with Beautiful Tropical Graphics & Colors, making this a Suite fit for a Rock Star, in dog form!

    Petite Suites

    • 1st Dog $30.00
    • 2nd Dog/Cat Same Suite $24.00
    • 3rd Dog/Cat Same Suite $16.00
    • 4th Dog/Cat Same Suite $12.00
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    Don't let the name fool ya...These accommodations are for customers who DO have very 'HIGH" standards! Each of our standard dog boarding suites are a very spacious 4 FT. wide by 14 FT. long. Each suite has a private run with a 10 FT. exercise patio adjoined by an equally private 4 FT eating and sleeping area. Additionally each dog boarding suite has 6 FT tall partitions separating them. This is to provide the maximum safety and comfort for your pet. These suites are big enough for 2 large dogs (Boxers, Labs, etc.) from the same family to share. OUR STANDARD RUNS ARE LARGER THAN MOST OTHER FACILITIES XL RUNS

    Price List

    Standard Run ( 4' W x 14'L x 6'H)
    • 1st Dog $26.00
    • 2nd Dog Same Run $22.00
    • 3rd Dog Same Run $16.00
    • 4th Dog Same Run $12.00
    • Daycare in run only rate $12.00 (Drop off and pick up same day, plus 2
      playtimes) *This is not Playcamp. Your dog will be by itself

    Each X-large dog boarding suite is designed the same as the standard, except they are 2 FT. wider. The dimensions on the X-large are 6 FT. wide by 14 FT. long by 6 FT. tall. These suites are designed for the X-large breeds, (Great Danes, Mastifs, etc.) These are large enough for 2 X-large dogs, or can be reserved for a smaller breed dog who just wants a little extra space. PLEASE NOTE: An extra large breed will take precedence over a small breed, even if it was booked prior.

    Extra Large Run ( 6' W x 14'L x 6'H)

    • 1st Dog $30.00
    • 2nd Dog Same Run $24.00
    • 3rd Dog Same Run $16.00
    • 4th Dog Same Run $12.00
    • Daycare in run only rate $14.00 (Drop off and pick up same day, plus 2 playtimes) *This is not Playcamp. Your dog will be by itself

    • All of our Standard and X-large suite guests are provided with 3 (15 minute) outdoor exercise times included with the daily rate. Any additional playtime requested is $2.00 per 15 minute session. * Our play center is outdoors and consists of a 5,000 SQ FT. enclosed area, with 8 FT. tall security fence (for maximum safety). All playtimes are individual or with dogs of the same family only. We do not do "group playtimes" with multiple dogs together. This is for the safety of all the dogs.

    • Easy listening music is played throughout the facility to keep your pets comfort level more enjoyable.
    Outdoor Kennel

    • We welcome you to bring in your pets favorite toys and treats, but if you forget we always have "goodies" on hand. We do ask that you do not bring any rawhide bones (for your dogs safety).
    • We provide love & attention free of charge of course!!!!      
    • Our suites are furnished complete with bedding and includes full-service housekeeping. Please leave your bedding at home so it will not get confused with ours.
    • Prescribed medications will be properly dispensed and charted for a minimal fee.

    DELUXE CAT SUITES: Each suite includes a carpeted kitty condo, a window perch (with birdfeeder view) a color TV, litter box, complete with maid service, and plenty of room to stretch!

    Deluxe Cattery Suite
    • 1st Cat in a Suite $38.00
    • 2nd Cat Same Suite $24.00
    • 3rd Cat Same Suite $16.00
    • 4th Cat Same Suite $12.00

    STANDARD CAT SUITE: Includes large kitty condo with 2 resting benches, litter box with maid service, and roaming time through out the day.

    Standard Cattery Suite

    • 1st Cat $ 16.00
    • 2nd Cat Same Suite $12.00
    • 2 Cats maximum per Cattery Suite

    Pocket Pets $14.00
    To Include, but not limited to, Rabbits, Ferrets, Birds, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs.

    For your pets protection we require the following vaccinations:

    Dogs: DHLPP, Rabies, Infuenza, and Bordetella (Canine cough vaccine)

    Cats: Feline Leukemia, Rabies and FVRCP.

    These vaccinations are usually required yearly, or every 3 years depending on your vet's recommendations. Our vet would recommend the yearly shot of INJECTABLE Bordatella, and then 2-3 weeks before boarding, a nasal or oral dose of the vaccine. They protect a little differently. We recommend giving both to puppies as they get their series. We also recommend getting vaccinations weeks ahead of time, 1. to allow time for the vaccine to work, and 2. because sick dogs go to the vets and can infect healthy dogs just going for vaccines. Often the airborn bugs have a gestation period, and we don't want dogs getting sick right in time for their boarding visit :) Please always let us know if your dog has been coughing, has a runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, or anything health related prior to coming in. ANY DOGS RESCUED FROM A SHELTER OR RESCUE GROUP SHOULD BE FULLY VETTED, and be home for 3 weeks prior to boarding. Minimum requirement is a yearly Bordetella. Puppies must have at least their first 2 puppy boosters and have a bordetella. However, we do recommend puppies have 3 vaccinations prior to boarding. This gives them a better range of protection, when they are young and don't have fully developed immune systems. Cats; Feline Leukemia, Rabies and FVRCP. (We recommend all vaccinations be given at least 2 weeks prior to boarding.) Please note that not all vaccinations, such as the Bordetella, cover all the strains of "Canine Cough" , therefore it is still possible for a pet that is vaccinated to still get "kennel/canine cough". It is very similar to the flu/cold virus in people and can come on very quickly, even if people have had a "flu shot" they can still get the flu, just as dogs can still get the kennel cough virus. This is usually not life threatening, but please contact us if you hear your pet coughing before or after a boarding stay. Also important to note, is that this is airborne and cannot be controlled, and is also common in dog parks, doggy daycare centers, dog shows, or just thru the air from another dogs back yard.

    NEW POLICY- In recent years there have been increased cases of sick dogs all over the country. There have been documentations about the increased cases of "kennel cough" and now the Canine Influenza. As a Pet Care Center owner, this is our number 1 health concern, especially since both of these viruses are airborne. In the recent weeks, the show dog community, of which I have many friends and acquaintances, have become increasingly alarmed as the show circuits are now being hit hard with the Canine Influenza Virus. The AKC has been sending out warnings to all dog owners, as well as show Handlers with all the information on this virus, and are recommending dog owners to vaccinate their pets against this virus especially if you have a pet that will be exposed to high numbers of dogs.

    We realize this will add another vaccination to your pet's vaccine protocol however, we believe after talking to a variety of Veterinarians and doing research as well as heeding the warnings from major dog organizations, this is the best remedy to minimize pets becoming ill.

    Unlike the Bordatella vaccine, which isn't always effective, the Canine Influenza vaccine, if given correctly and boostered is stated to be the best prevention for the virus.

    WHAT IS CANINE INFLUENZA? Canine Influenza Virus is a highly contagious respiratory infection commonly seen in socially active dogs. Outbreaks are commonly seen in situations where dogs are in close contact, such as shelters, dog shows, kennels, doggy daycare facilities, grooming and boarding facilities. The first outbreak of H3N8 was in 2004, and has since been seen all over the US. The first positive case of H3N2 was in March, 2015 in Chicago and has spread to a number of other areas throughout the US in the last two years. Both strains are still being diagnosed around the country, and all dogs are at risk! Symptoms include red and/or runny eyes, fever, sneezing, nasal discharge, dry, persistent cough, weight loss, physical discomfort, loss of appetite, and congestion.

    RECOMMENDATIONS: A combo vaccine- This combination vaccine has coverage against two strains of the Canine Influenza Virus- H3N8 as well as the most recent, H3N2. Recommended Protocol- 2 doses are required 3-4 weeks apart, and can begin as early as 8 weeks of age. An annual vaccination can be given for life.

    WHERE CAN I GET THIS VACCINE? Not all veterinarians carry this vaccine so we have tried to make this easy by adding Vaccine locations and pricing.

    1. Animal Medical Center, Morrison Rd in Gahanna 614-755-4900 Walk-ins welcome 7 days a week for vaccines. No Exam fee if you take current vaccines in and are only getting updated Canine Influenza Vaccine. Make appointment for fastest service. Have combo vaccine with both strains.

    2. VIP Petcare www.vippetcare.com - They have many locations in local Pet Stores, Tractor Supply, ect. They have clinics every weekend. Their vaccine combo (H3N8, H3N2) is $39.

    3. Pataskala Animal Hospital 740-927-0196 Call for appointment- only carries the H3N2 Strain.

    Emergency Protocol

    We do have an after hours veterinary protocol. If an emergency arises, we will use a variety of options to get your pet to one of our local veterinarians. We use Westerville Veterinary Clinic on Rt. 3 in Westerville, Animal Medical Center in Gahanna, and Pataskala Animal Hospital. However, if there is ever a time they cannot meet us if a late night issue arises, we will use MedVet Emergency services, in Columbus (www.medvetforpets.com), or Ohio State Veterinary Hospital. During any emergency, we will take your pet to one of the above mentioned clinics, and then they can consult with your regular vet if necessary. We realize most of you would like us to take your pet to their regular vet, but when time is of the essence in an emergency, we are going to go use our emergency protocol. If your vet is available for after hours please feel free to provide that information upon drop off. We will always consult with your vet when possible, and you, but rest assured, we have a very good emergency system in place.


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