Why Doggy Daycare is good for your pet!

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Why Doggy Daycare is good for your pet!

7 Reason why Doggy DayCare Is Good for Your Pet!

At All Tails “R” Waggin in Pataskala, Ohio we provide a Doggy Daycare best suited for your pet. Many dogs lack stimulation, sufficient outlets for their energy, or opportunities to socialize with other dogs. Here are seven reasons why you might consider sending your dog to Doggy Daycare at All Tails “R” Waggin’.

1.)   Exercise & Socialization

Doggy Daycare allows your pet to have play time throughout the day to express normal K9 behavior. Dogs need to be around other dogs in order to learn how to act properly. Your pet will have the opportunity to meet and play with new dogs and learn how to properly socialize and interact with other pets. Our Doggy Daycare provides your dog access to meet new friends all day long for endless play time.

2.)  Human Contact

Our Doggy Daycare provides a great place for your pet while you’re away at work. No longer are the days your dog has to stay home alone. Our staff members interact with your pets regularly during play time if the your dog desires, providing treats and great social interactions. Our staff also continually updates you with photos throughout the day so you know your pet is in great hands.

3.)  Supervised Playtime

All Tails “R” Wagging employees are well trained animal lovers.  We supervise your best friend’s playtime so you can feel comfortable your pet is in good hands. We monitor play between all dogs and we’re familiar with what is appropriate and what is dangerous dog behavior. Our daycare has experienced staff that have been trained to interpret dog body language so they can ensure all the dogs are comfortable and safe. We also have a large and small dog side, so we can separate by sizes and energy levels.

4.)  Relief From Boredom

Don’t crate your best friend all day! While crates are often not a bad thing, we don’t want you to have to leave your dog crated all day, every day.  Utilizing a crate can establish and potentially set a dog up for destructive behaviors when alone. To compromise, you can send the dog to daycare where they will have plenty of stimulation and opportunities to prevent any boredom. In Doggy Daycare, your dog will get plenty of attention and playtime with other dogs. Exercise is critical for a healthy and happy dog, and they will get it at Doggy Daycare at All Tails. Running around and playing is a wonderful way for them to expend excess energy.

5.)  A Change of Scenery

Even if your dog is fine with being home alone all day, it’s a good idea to change up their routine every once in a while. Give them a break from barking at the mailman and sleeping on the couch. Doggy Daycare will be like a mini vacation for them.

6.)  Making New Doggy Friends

We all need friends—and your dog is no exception. Doggy Daycare encourages your dog to make new friends. If your dog makes a BFF, you can set up a doggy playdate outside of daycare for walks or a romp at the dog park on the weekend. Besides, it’s a wonderful way for you to meet new dog people.

7.)  A Good Solution For Busy Owners

Don’t feel guilty for working more than 8 hours or leaving your dog at home. Daycare will allow your dog multiple opportunities to go to the restroom and be entertained while you’re away. Opened 7am-7pm Monday – Friday , and even on the weekends we have daycare fun too.

It is essential to take your dog’s personality and temperament into consideration when deciding if Doggy Daycare is right for your dog. The seven reasons above list some benefits to daycare, but it isn’t for all dogs. We will do an evaluation on your pet to make sure they are well suited for a social setting. Contact us now to discuss if our Doggy Daycare is right for you!

Stay tuned for a follow-up article on reasons why some dogs attend Doggy Daycare.

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