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Ticks, Fleas and Dangerous Disease

Flea and tick season in Ohio is here. According to AKC Staff writers at, Ohio has a flea and tick season that lasts from March to December.  That means we need to be extra careful during these months at protecting our little ones (and our big ones too) from the dangers of infestation by these pesky parasites.  

Keeping your pet on year round prevention (as directed by your veterinarian) can go far and give you some piece of mind if they do pick up one of these bugs.  Fleas are annoying and carry diseases that can infect both you and your pet which include the following and please know that we care about you and your pets at All Tails “R” Waggin’ so each disease listed here includes a link to the CDC website so that you can be more informed.

  1. Murine Typhus
  2. Mycoplasma Haemofelis
  3. Tapeworms
  4. Cat Scratch Disease

Ticks can also cause some nasty diseases and illnesses like :

  1. Lyme Disease
  2. Babesiosis (a malaria-like disease)
  3. Ehrlichiosis (a bacterial infection)
  4. Tick Paralysis

6 Easy Steps To Fewer Pests

Now, you might be asking yourself, what can I do to protect my yard from these pests as well?  Controlling what gets into your yard can go a long way to controlling what comes into your home.  Here are some tips for making your yard the place that these pests do NOT want to hang out.

  1. Don’t overwater (and get rid of standing water).  Bugs love water and if they find it, they will come.  Give no quarter to the pests !
  2. Try to keep other animals away from your pets favorite spots.  Deer, Squirrels, mice, rats, feral cats, they can (and most do) carry fleas and ticks that can hop off of their current host and take a ride on your best friend.
  3. Keep your yard clean and clear of debris where pests like to hide.Especially places your pet might like to “chill.”
  4. Prune your trees and large shrubs.  Fleas and ticks love shady, moist areas.  Keeping things trimmed can provide more direct sunlight and limit their fun zones.
  5. Get a spray on insecticide for your yard that isn’t harmful to your pets.
  6. Use cedar mulch where you can.  Cedar is a natural repellent for fleas and ticks so if you can afford some cedar mulch, especially around the perimeter of your yard can help you create a break between neighboring landscapes which can make things a little easier for you in the long run.

Visit the AKC website at to read more.

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