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Our staff is committed to saving the lives of homeless dogs and cats. With every dollar you spend, a portion benefits our work dedicated to saving as many lives as possible. We take in hundreds of Puppy Mill dogs, mostly who are turned over by the Amish population in Holmes Co. We also take in many homeless dogs from our local shelters, as well as owner surrender due to life's circumstances. Currently we are rescuing about 200 animals per year!!! Therefore, by using our services you truly are helping us make a difference! Visit our petfinder site for pets available right now...

Alltails Van   Look for our New Van...If you see us out and about, we are most likely transporting rescue animals to a Spay/Neuter Clinic or an adoption event. We invested in this unit so we can be more involved with our rescue efforts and the demands of helping multiple animals.

Once you have visited our Petfinder site above, spoken to our staff, or visited a pet you like, and are 100% ABSOLUTELY want us to APPROVE YOU for a particular pet...then at that point, by all means please fill out this application, and submit it to us, along with your home pictures.

The application process can be a long one for us, and you, and we don't want either of us to waste our time. If you are absolutely sure you want us to call saying YOU'RE APPROVED - then please download application below, and we'll start the process. Obviously, not all applications are approved, for various reasons, but to start the process, download now:


It is really fun and exciting when you plan to finally get a dog and you are going to choose a dog that best fits your family. But in picking the best dog there are certain things you have to keep in mind to be able to get that dog that would really meet your requirements and will have the qualities you are looking for. Almost all dog breeds love the presence of people especially children but then their tolerance and disposition in dealing with kids vary depending on the place and the manner they were raised, as well as how well they were able to socialize when they were still puppies. But there are breeds that are known for their gentle nature and great patience when it comes to kids that is why they are the better choice for families with children. One of the most amiable dogs are Beagles. They just love to around children no matter what age and size. They are really patient and calm. While Beagles are known for their sweetness, they are also notorious as they are stubborn. You have to keep these things in mind as these will be helpful when you start house training your dogs. Bulldogs and boxers are dog breeds that are both patient and playful whenever they are with kids. The boxers show gentleness around the small children while bulldogs also tolerates playing for quite some time but whenever their patience runs out, they will just walk away. Not all large dog s are scary dogs. If your family has kids but you want to get a dog large enough, you can choose from the “Gentle Giants” like the Newfoundlands or the Saint Bernards. These dogs are ideal for the family because they are playful, too, and they are patient, big-hearted and very protective. Newfoundlands and Saint Bernard protect their charges at any or all costs. They are also known to be tolerating all types of play. Another large dog breed you can choose from is the Mastiff. They are also good in dealing with children since they are very patient. But then mastiffs tend to be overprotective at certain times, which is a good quality but this could become a potential problem when it is time for you to discipline the children. Retrievers such as , Labrador, Golden or Brown make really good family pets since they do great with kids as well as other animals. But they can have a really high energy level, so might want to take some time to exercise. You should to take note that children should not be left on their own with just dogs no matter what the size, breed, age, or type of these dogs are. There are dogs that might get frightened or get confused when they see children especially when they have never seen one . It is still an animal with animal brain and instincts you have to be careful. You can exercise with caution so you can live well together happily and safely.

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