Drop off for Grooming is 8-8:30am

It is always nice to have a PAMPERED POOCH , whether it's at the end of your boarding stay, or you just want to call in for an appointment (Monday-Sunday.) Our qualified professionals provide an atmosphere that allows your pet to relax and enjoy their grooming experience.

Did Someone Say "Bath"?
Dogs get dirty. It's a fact of life. And after several days of running, wrestling and having a ball in our outdoor play/exercise area, a nice bath is a GOOD thing! Treat your pup to a Bath, or Fullgroom, which could be a variety of different smell good options… You'll BOTH go home happy. Your Dog Will Love It. We'll Love Your Dog!! Ask for a quote upon drop off...prices based on breed and/or size.

Your Dog Will Love It. We'll Love Your Dog.

Befor after

Our Groomers offer a WIDE VARIETY of grooming services, including :

All Dogs requesting a Full Grooming or Bath will be given a bath with our super sudsy system. It is a relaxing shampoo that gets your dog spotless clean. This system is a Therapeutic Bathing System that produces an invigorating cleaning action that enhances the effectivenes of shampoos, dips and conditions, as well as gently removing loose hair, dead skin, and best of all Dirt!!! All this, and your pets thinks they are getting a massage!!

Full Grooming-This consists of a Massaging Bath, Hand Blow Drying, Ear Cleaning/Plucking (if needed) Toe Nail Trim, anal glands and the Specific Cut to fit your Dog. This service ranges in price from about $40.00 - $100.00 and up, depending on the size, breed and coat condition of your pet.

Deluxe Bath - This consists of a Massaging Bath, Ear Cleaning, Hand Blow Drying, a complete brush out, Toe nail trim, Fresh n Clean Cologne and a Bandana. The price range on this service can vary greatly depending on the size and coat structure of the Dog. Please call us for an estimated price quote.

Medicated Shampoo- This service is added to the Full Grooming or Bath service and is recommended for your pet if they have dry or irritated skin ($3.00- $10.00 depending on size).

Flea Bath or Dip - This service is automatically done if we find or suspect fleas on a pet that has arrived for boarding or grooming. (This is at the owners expense) It can also be requested, and added to a Full Grooming or Bath service, if you know ahead that your pet is in need of this service. Dog grooming price also varies with the size of Dog, and ranges between $3 - $10.

Anal Gland Treatment- The expression of your pets anal glands generally is a natural occurrence, but in the case that it is not, please request this service and it will be done at the time of your pets Bath at no charge.

Toe Nail Trim- $10.00

Hot Coconut Soak Treatment - Your pet will love this treatment. It will help protect their skin from dryness, itching, and flaking. Price: small-medium dogs $10, large dogs $15, x-large dogs $20

Shed Less Treatment - Does your pet have a shedding problem? This conditioning treatment will get out that old, dried up loose hair and undercoat. Price: small-medium dogs $10, large dogs $15, x-large dogs $20

Dremel Nails - Don't like how your dogs nails are sharp after a nail trim? Get their nails dremeled. It will leave their nails smoother and as short as possible. Price: $15

Paint Nails - Make your dog look as fancy as you do by getting their nails painted. Choose from colors we have here or bring your own color! Price: $10

Teeth Brushing - Have your pets teeth brushed to help get rid of bad breath, plaque, and tartar build up. Price: $10

Package Add-Ons

Ultimate Pampered Pooch - Includes Coconut soak or shed less treatment, dremel nails, paint nails, & teeth brushing. Price: (In addition to bath or groom price) small-medium dogs $30, large dogs $35, x-large dogs $40

Pampered Pooch - Includes dremel nails, paint nails, & teeth brushing. Price: $25

Hand Scissors/Specialty Cut - Please call us for a price quote.

** All Prices Are Subject to Change depending on circumstances such as, Coat Density, Excessive Matting, Excessive Dirt, Staining, or Odor (Skunk), or a Dog that is more difficult to groom (Aggressive, Older, or Very Active).

* Please Complete Our Online Appointment and Estimate Request Form or Call or Email For Price Quotes & Schedule Availability.

 We have so many HAPPY customers from all over central Ohio. Places such as Columbus, Reynoldsburg, Pickerington, Blacklick, Pataskala, Etna, Westerville, Minerva Park, Easton, New Albany, Gahanna, Dublin, Marysville, Bexley, Worthington, German Village, Upper Arlington, Lewis Center, Grove City, Granview, Sunbury, Utica, Powell, Johnstown, Granville, Heath and Newark. Come see why!!! WE ARE WORTH THE DRIVE!!


Self Service Pet Wash.....

Do it yourself! or We'll do it for you!

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Premiere Pet Wash

We provide the professional equipment and are open 7 days a week

Grooming is more than just looking pretty and smelling fresh, it is a necessity to your dog and their health.
At All Tails, you don't have to splurge to get the pampered pooch treatment.
This is available to you at a low cost depending on your dog's size!
Click one of the images below to check current rates.

Our self-service wash includes:

  • Waist-high washing tubs or a walk-in shower for our larger breeds!
  • Clean Towels
  • Shampoo and a Crème Rinse
  • Professional Combs and Brushes
  • Shedding Tools
  • Ear Cleaner and Cotton Balls
  • Aprons to keep you dry
  • Nail Trimmers
  • Warm air dryers (high velocity for even the thickest coats!)
  • Fresh 'n' Clean cologne to finish it all off!

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