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Are puppies really chick magnets?

I can’t walk by a puppy and not get the urge to pet it.  It is ingrained in many of us, but guys, did you know that having that puppy with you actually scores you some serious points?  Petsies, a custom stuffed animal company, conducted a study with 1,000 people. Those participating in the experiment were shown pictures of men and women with no pets, then later shown pictures of the same people with pets.  After asking participants to rate how their perception changed when shown pictures of people holding pets, guess what they found.


Men shown in pictures where they were holding puppies were ranked 24% higher than they were in the pictures without pets.  Cats or kittens only garnered dudes and extra 4% on average so, apparently it’s better for guys to stick with puppies.

For a read of the full article, click right here !

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