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    All Tails “R” Waggin’ and Google Home

    Are you the proud owner of a new Google Home or Google Home Mini?

    They are pretty cool and loaded with help from your google assistant.  You can ask it to perform simple tasks like set a reminder, set an alarm, or for information on the weather, nearby attractions or points of interest.

    You can even find us, get our hours, or directions to us on your Home or Home Mini, just click the link below to see how. 

    Recently Google just add the calling feature to the Home line so you can even say “Hey google, call All Tails “R” Waggin’.  Or if your about to leave the house and don’t have time to search us on your phone you can just say “Hey Google!, send the directions to All Tails “R” Waggin’ to my phone. 


    Check it out in action here !

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