About Us

All Tails R Waggin'

This is a little about me and how
"ALL TAILS 'R' WAGGIN" came to be.

I am 50 years old and for my entire life I have loved and owned animals. As a child I was always curious and wanted to play with any pet and/or wild animal I could get my hands on. I have owned horses, a couple of cows, chickens, rabbits, hamsters, snakes, and a whole lot of dogs and cats over the years. ( I'm down to 8 dogs.)

My Juneau
RIP. My best friend
for 10 great years!

My parents were sure I would go to college to become a Vet, but the thought of having to operate on an animal did not sit well with me. So I decided to become a Social Worker like my parents. I graduated from OSU in 1993 and after a year of social work, I decided that was not the career for me!


I Decided to quit my job at a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center where I was working. However, in the weeks before I quit my job , one of the patients I was counseling mentioned his wife was a "Dog Groomer". I was curious about this "Career" and asked him lots of questions. I had never considered Grooming, but thought this would be the perfect job. I could work with animals and wouldn't need an operating table, just a grooming table!!!

RIP Romeo & Shiloh

After Grooming for about 6 years, I decided to build my "Dream" Kennel. With much preparation and research, the new kennel was completed and opened in April 1999, and like the saying says, "Time flies!"

In the 20 years these great doors have been opened, I've continued to gain knowledge, and continued to grow and improve the business. Not only do we have the best and most knowledgeable and caring staff, we were recently voted the #1 Kennel in Columbus according to CBUS Top Picks for 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019! Through the years, we have added 53 deluxe suite, 40 additional runs, greatly expanded our play areas, remodeled our office, and in 2010 we redid our entire play yard, and then in 2011 partially covered the play areas. We've added a second grooming area, beautiful "nature stone" flooring throughout the kennel area, and had a large gorgeous neon sign built. We also have the top of the line "ADT" fire and security system monitoring the entire property, and in Aug 2010, added another 8 camera system, to our existing 16 camera digital surveillance system. Not only does that add a great piece of mind to us, but I know it will for our customers as well. In 2014, we added a new 6,000 square foot Doggy Daycare wing. It consists of a huge play area, 12 Patio Deluxe Suites, and a beautiful Self-Service Pet Wash. It is designed with high-end marble and state of the art grooming equipment to give our customers the best "Do it yourself" grooming experience around! In everything I do, I strive to be the best! In 2016 we designed the beautiful Elite Suites wing. It consist of our Traditional Deluxe Suites, Patio Suites and our newly designed original “Petite Suites”! This new wing has been a great success and the customer love it! Come take a tour and see all of our options!!

Lastly, I would like to say, either Buy from a responsible breeder or adopt your next pet. I have 5 rescued mutts and 3 Dobermans (2 of which are A.K.C. Champions ). Just do your homework and don't support brokers buying from the Amish! I have been involved with various great rescue groups, and have helped countless abandoned, abused, and neglected pets and puppy mill dogs find their new forever homes. The natural progression of this, was of course, to start my own rescue, called ..what else...All Tails Rescue!!

We have an official Petfinder page, which is also linked on our Adoption/Rescue page. Petfinder is a great resource for anyone looking for a new pet. All the pets we have up for adoption are listed there. Check it out!! We feel that everyone needs to do their part to help the increasing rise in the homeless pet population. It has become my strongest passion to help as many pets in need as I can while I'm on this earth! To this point we have rescued close to 2,000 pets!!

In order for us to keep all of the dogs safe and healthy, we have also built a new isolation area in the back of the building to house all of our incoming rescues and strays. This area is completed isolated from our customers dogs in the main kennel/ deluxe buildings. This has allowed us to bring in a much greater number of dogs into our rescue program. It allows us to bring them in safely, have them assessed by a vet, given their vaccinations, wormer, etc. so nothing they may have will ever be passed to a customers pet. This is completely out of our own pockets, and is a way of giving back to those who have no voice...(just a bark).

There are thousands of pets getting put to sleep every year. People need to have their pets spayed or neutered, have them trained, and don't give up on them if they become a little tough to handle. It is really a shame that some people these days have the attitude that their pets are disposable.

Pets should be treated as a loved family member which cannot just be thrown away. All of us in the petcare field have heard every excuse in the book about why someone needs to give up their family pet. It's because they have a behavior problem, a medical problem, they need to move into a new house, that is too small for the family pet, or they just had a new baby, and their 7 year old golden retriever with hip dysplasia now needs a home!

We have heard all the excuses. I am writing this, in hopes that if only one person reading this, who was considering getting rid of their pet, changes their mind that's one less dog that will be homeless. It is an epidemic, and unless someone is deathly ill, there is no excuse for dumping a pet. Please help spread the word!!!

We are making a difference and doing our part as kennel owners and to date we have adopted over 1800 pets to new forever homes!!

"Rose"- Rip my Rosie girl!

Well, It has been quite an ongoing endeavor, but definitely worth the ride!
It's every persons dream to own their own business and also do what they love. I am lucky to have both!!
Renee Nichols